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Root Cause Problem Solving 8D Outline

What is problem solving
Why do we need it
PDCA cycle
Deming's 14 points

D1 Use Team Approach
Characteristics of a good leader
Strategies for effective leadership
Stages of team development

D2 Describe the Problem
Flow chart
Pareto analysis
Cause and effect

D3 Implementation and Verify Interim Containment Actions (ICA)
Checklist for
decision-making process
Decision-making worksheet

D4 Define & Verify Root Cause(s)
Develop "change-how" theories
Problem-solving steps
Tools for root cause analysis and verification

D5 Choose & Verify Permanent Corrective Action (PCA)
Decision-making steps
Decision-making worksheet
Risk analysis

D6 Implement Permanent Corrective Action (PCA)
Problem prevention worksheet
Process capability
Regression analysis

D7 Prevent Recurrence
Update FMEA
Decision-making worksheet
Reliability analysis

D8 Congratulate Your Team

Effective Communications
Preparing for meetings
Channels of communication


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