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Process Mapping for ISO 9001 and TS 16949

What You Will Learn:
Participants will learn how to create process maps. They will analyze process maps for disconnects and opportunities for improvement. A variety of process mapping techniques and formats will be taught and where each format is best suited will be discussed

Who Should Attend:
Anyone involved in ISO / TS documentation, implementation or auditing. Anyone interested in eliminating waste / improving processes and increasing the value of products and services.

Duration and Fee: 2 day; $695 + GST

Prerequisites: None

CEUs: 1.6

Workshop Outline
Introduction & Need
Three Levels in the Organization
Why Mapping and Analysis is Important
The Requirement’s of the ISO / TS 16949 Standards
The Goals & Benefits of Process Mapping and Analysis
NOTE: Throughout the rest of the course, participants will be working on a progressive case study and progressive mapping of one of their company’s key processes.

Organization Interaction Mapping (OIM)
Identifying & Defining Processes
Developing an OIM
The ‘Onion Peel’ Approach to Mapping
Developing a Product & Services Matrix
Identifying Gaps & Non-value Added Activities

Cross-Functional Banded Flowcharts
Steps to Construct
Use of Symbols
Adding a Time Line
Variations on a Theme

Interpreting Process Maps
Seven Classes of Disconnect
Sources of Waste
Tackling Disconnects to Eliminate Waste

Process Flowcharts
Developing a Job Task Analysis
Symbols and Techniques

Customer Valued Process Measures
Why Measure
Customer Valued Measures
Process Measures and Continuous Improvement

Process Analysis and Human Factors
Linking People to the Process
Mapping Job Assignments
Developing a Competency Based Workforce
Identifying and Diagnosing Process-People Disconnects

"Turtle" Maps
How to Construct
Creating a Turtle Map from a Procedure
Developing a Process Based Audit Checklist from a Turtle Map
Process Based Auditing

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