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  About GRT

Q My Company is different from a lot of companies. Can you help us get our ISO Certification?

A GRT has worked with a very broad spectrum of companies from varied industries and has the knowledge and experience to help them all achieve ISO Certification.

Q We already have systems in place. Do we have to change them all?

A At GRT we take your approach to business and add to it. We fine-tune when needed, replace when needed, and improve when needed; and ONLY if it's needed.

Q Will the process of ISO Certification interrupt our everyday business?

A At GRT we strive for a seamless approach; one that doesn't get in your way of your everyday business.

Q Will there be hidden costs if everything doesn't go smoothly?

A At GRT we give you a fixed budget to work on. We guarantee to get you registered within that fixed budget-with no extra costs.

Q Will we know how long Certification will take or will it drag on and on?

A At GRT we give you a fixed time frame to work on. We guarantee to get you registered within that time frame.

Q How are my employees going to take to these changes?

A At GRT we give your employees a positive experience during the process of ISO Certification. We give them an interactive learning environment; one where they can readily see how they can use their new knowledge immediately in the workplace. Their acceptance level is crucial to your success. We focus in on them right from the start.

Q How do we get started?

A Talk to our helpful and knowledgeable staff. We will discuss what your goals are and develop and a realistic timetable and method to accomplish them.


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